Hydro has several thousand suppliers globally. Suppliers are crucial to Hydro’s continued success and are a very significant part of Hydro’s value chain.

Signing of contract

Prior to working with Hydro, all suppliers are subject to a qualification process. Hydro has a decentralized procurement organization to suit its various business areas.

While particular qualification requirements may differ accordingly, Hydro’s corporate policies regarding procurement and the qualification process are common requirements for all of its business areas.

These policies require that Hydro’s suppliers meet certain standards regarding quality, health, safety and environment (HSE), financial sustainability and corporate social responsibility (including human rights, anti-corruption and working conditions).

To ensure commitment from suppliers, qualification documents and contracts shall include requirements to quality, HSE and corporate social responsibility. Hydro expects all business partners will comply with the principles set out in Hydro’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

More information about HSE requirements and corporate social responsibility policies including Hydro’s Supplier Code of Conduct are available at our Corporate governance pages: Policies and tools

Updated: October 11, 2016