Economic rewards and employee advantages

A good base salary, pension and insurance programs, sick pay and flexible work place and working hours are some of the benefits we offer at Hydro.

Hydro employee

Highly competitive salary

We offer our employees a compensation package that is highly competitive and reflects both market conditions and levels of skill and experience. In Hydro we also value individual effort. We regularly assess each employee’s compensation based on their individual performance.

Flexible working practices

We believe in facilitating optimal working conditions to endure that our employees are both effective and satisfied. We provide flexible working practices wherever operationally possible. You may be able to ‘telecommute’ and work from home. By using the digital opportunities available to us, we are able to meet our employees' needs in new and flexible ways.

Work-Life balance

We believe it is crucial to live a good life outside of work. To help balance a successful career with a healthy lifestyle, we offer a range of benefits to our employees. The flexibility of our working policies is one way to support this commitment. In addition, we have several recreational and social activities to make our employees feel energized, inspired and satisfied.

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Updated: October 11, 2016