Annual report 2014

  • Market situations

    Nordic electricity prices were significantly lower in 2014 due to an improved hydrological balance compared to the previous year.
  • Board of directors report

    Several years of significant operational and commercial improvements implemented throughout the value chain have strengthened Hydro's ability to create value in an environment of improving market fundamentals.
  • Viability performance

    Hydro's mission is to create a more viable society by developing natural resources and products in innovative and efficient ways.
  • Strategy and targets

    Delivering on its ambitious improvement program, "from B to A", continues to be a key priority for Bauxite & Alumina in the coming year together with lifting production towards name-plate capacity.
  • Business description

    Hydro is a resource rich, fully integrated aluminium company with operations in all major activities along the aluminium industry's value chain.
  • Highlights of 2014

    mound of alumina oxide
    From receiving the highest green rating to creating value in a tightening aluminium market, it was an eventful year for Hydro. Here's a selection of 2014's highlights