Labor rights

Hydro has endorsed the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the Global Compact and the ILO conventions and thereby pledged, among other things, to support the right of employees to organize themselves and to not accept child labor.


Hydro does not accept child labor and does not employ children below the age of 16. If a child's rights of education, play, rest and family life are secured, limited exceptions may be made if this is clearly in the best interest of the child. The prohibition of child labor represents a long-term social investment. Giving youngsters the opportunity to attend school not only improves the future prospects of the individuals concerned, it also ensures a well-educated workforce in years to come.

Labor standards

Hydro is committed to respect the International Labour Organisation’s eight core conventions. Key issues are freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, and the prohibition of forced labor. The conventions also address some basic requirements for wages, working hours, social benefits and the working environment. These must be considered in the context of legal requirements and best practices in the country in question.

Updated: October 3, 2016