Commercial services

At commercial services, we help develop and support commercial concepts with suppliers and customers. We cover areas such as risk management and pricing optionality that give suppliers and customers flexibility in how and when to do pricing of aluminium.

Man on the phone selling aluminium

In addition to price and currency risk management services, we can provide commercial and financial solutions which effectively transfer credit risk (commercial and political risk) and financing of our suppliers and customers to the trade finance markets. As a result of this, we are able to structure and operate commercial concepts which involve counter- party risk and risk financing.

Aluminium trading

The aluminium trading department is a large-scale purchaser of remelt ingots, sourcing metal into our remelt operations around the world. We are constantly looking for new sources. In this area, the trading department has the overall coordinating role within the company.

Alumina trading

The alumina trading department is responsible for sourcing Hydro’s global smelter system, and the optimization of the total alumina portfolio through long and medium-term purchase contracts and swaps. This department also plays an active role in the Alumina spot market.

Updated: October 11, 2016