Automotive and transport

Aluminium is the mighty light metal in the transportation industry. We roll it or extrude it, but it will not break.

Might in transportation is light

Aluminium flies in aviation, it rocks softly on waves, it rolls along roads and railroads – enabling affordable mobility at less weight than with common materials. Hydro is one of the leading suppliers of aluminium components to the transportation business all around the world.


  • Tubing for heat exchangers
  • Foundry alloys
  • Sheet and extrusions for further processing

A fast-growing market

The automotive industry is the fastest-growing market segment for aluminium suppliers. Driving the growth is aluminium’s ability to reduce weight, which helps decrease fuel consumption and improves all-around performance in the vehicle.

Its corrosion resistance and weldability also make aluminium attractive in the construction of lightweight trailers and semi-trailers, as well as in seagoing ferries or superstructures for large cruise ships.

Updated: October 11, 2016