Consumer goods

Not long ago, cars were red, televisions black and kitchenware plain white. Now, everything tends to be sleek, shiny – silver – and aluminium. Look around your house, your workplace.

User with a laptop

Hydro knows aluminium

Engineers, designers and other customers choose aluminium for its formability, for its lightness, or even for its decorative appearance. They choose Hydro because the company listens – and because it knows the metal.

Everywhere we look...

The last time we looked, Hydro was delivering over 30,000 different extrusions just for domestic applications - TVs, digital music players, refrigerators, kitchen fittings, computers, furniture, lighting, tennis rackets, treadmills, snowboard bindings and bicycle rims, plus coils, sheets and circles for cookware, baking trays, ladders. The list just goes on and on …

The characteristics of aluminium and the knowledge of our customers are combining to increase the number of applications. And Hydro is an ideal supplier.

Updated: October 11, 2016