General engineering

It isn’t getting smaller, the amount of aluminium being poured into general engineering applications. Customers keep finding new ways to use the metal.

Escalator in aluminium

Engineering, in general

What becomes difficult is when customers try to find the precise piece of aluminium for their particular applications. This is where Hydro can help.

80,000 extrusions, and tons of flat metal

For instance, the company is capable of delivering more than 80,000 different extrusions for applications that include industrial machinery, precision engineering and medical instruments. Our flat-rolled semis are useful whether you want to build huge silos or multi-layer tubing – or anything in between.

No customers are alike

As with products, of course, no customers are the same either. Sometimes, an extrusion does not give the right fit. This can be the case with the real special applications - space technologies, semiconductors and the like – when the company’s high purity aluminium is the only answer.

Need more? If you are unsure about transformer windings and wire rod for power cables, then Hydro will help you find the right material for your needs.

Updated: October 11, 2016