Food, drinks and pharmaceuticals are better and safer in aluminium packaging. And when you’re done, the “waste” packaging becomes a valuable resource.

Aluminium can with tagger lids

Beauty – and function – is skin deep

Experts choose aluminium foil and strip, especially in the sensitive areas of food and pharmaceuticals, not just for its, sleek silver beauty.

Aluminium is impenetrable to light, gas and water vapor. Even when only 6 microns thin, aluminium keeps the contents fresh for long – a major contribution in a world where about one-third of all food is wasted.

Other strengths:

  • Aluminium remains solid even at high temperatures, yet it has high thermal conductivity, swiftly cooling down your drink or heating up your meal.
  • Aluminium offers nearly unlimited possibilities in packaging design and functionality
  • Aluminium can be recycled and re-used, again and again

Hydro has a strong position

Beverage can manufacturers and aluminium foil customers must choose only the best and most reliable suppliers. Hydro has a strong position in these markets.

One example why: The beverage can on your kitchen table is about 30 percent thinner than it was in 1990 - and the drink probably tastes better today. This is because we know the metal and strive for more environmentally responsible solutions.

Updated: October 11, 2016