Coffee seems to taste better with a good magazine or morning newspaper. Our customers can take credit for the quality of the printed words and pictures, thanks to high-quality aluminium lithographic plates (the quality of the coffee is up to you).

Lithographic plate in aluminium

Ideal with your cup of coffee

Agfa, Fuji and Kodak are big international names that choose to use high-grade offset aluminium for plates used in the printing of newspapers, magazines and other commercial products. Aluminium is the ideal material for offset printing plates.

A precision performance

The offset printing process demands precise performance at incredible speed – imagine 1 million impressions per hour – and requires high-grade printing plates with excellent aluminium support. It needs the low weight, corrosion resistance and a hydrophilic surface that aluminium provides.

Competence, all in the loop

Hydro delivers strip and sheet for the offset printing industry - and is the only supplier in the world that has its own laboratory dedicated to the offset business. And while yesterday’s news has a short shelf life, aluminium printings can live on: They serve the endless loop of recycling aluminium.

Updated: October 11, 2016