Solar products

Aluminium is gaining ground as the material of choice for long-lasting, aesthetic and environmentally sound solar solutions.

Solar panels

Aluminium's light weight, competitive pricing, and efficient installation capabilities will help reduce the overall cost of solar solutions and increase the use of solar technologies, thereby leading the transition from subsidized niche product to subsidy-free mainstream energy solution.

We are already supplying products that serve all areas of solar energy production.

The key products and applications are:

  • Extruded profiles in frames for photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors
  • Extruded profiles for mounting structures for these frames
  • Specially coated sheet for absorber plates in solar thermal collectors
  • Polished or foil-laminated sheet as reflector material
  • Extruded tubes for solar thermal collectors
  • Extruded aluminium in solar façade solutions for building industry

Updated: October 11, 2016