Rolled products

Hydro is a worldwide leader in rolled aluminium products, annually supplying around 1 million metric tons of rolled products, created by a workforce of almost 4,000.

Aluminium sheet

We offer efficient, high-volume capacity down to niche focus in all product segments, with differentiating technology within recycling-based products and continuous casting.

Almost 100 years of experience

Building on almost 100 years of experience in rolling and converting, our success relies on a strong network of European rolling mills in Germany and Norway, including a 50 percent share in the world’s largest hot and cold rolling mill: Aluminium Norf in Germany.

Leading in foil, sheet, can and lithographic strip

As one of the world’s leading foil producers, we supply foils as thin as 6.0 µm. This aluminium foil is produced for the packaging of food and pharmaceuticals as well as for technical applications. Converted qualities use a variety of lacquering, laminating and coating techniques.

Our foil, strip, sheet and plate characteristically are used in the automotive, transport, building and shipbuilding industry as well as engineering, electrical, domestic, printing and packaging industries. We hold a particularly strong position as the world market leader in the manufacture of lithographic sheet for the printing industry.

As a supplier for beverage cans, we manufacture body, end and tab-stock. The quality of our lacquered end material, in particular, has helped us to achieve a leading position worldwide.

Updated: October 3, 2016