Casthouse products

Hydro is one of the leading suppliers of extrusion ingot, sheet ingot, foundry alloys and high-purity aluminium with a global production network. We supply the market with over 3 million tonnes of casthouse products annually.

Aluminium billets

Sustainable quality

Our advanced technological expertise generates an exceptionally high standard of sustainable quality in all products. Thus, we are able to create cost-efficient solutions by implementing best practices in our streamlined casthouse system. 
Hydro focuses on superior product quality and pays close attention to customer specifications documented in the ISO 9001 certificate.         

A commitment to innovation

Around the world, Hydro’s research and development teams work to create innovative solutions to the challenges we face. Our goal is to achieve continuous improvement and innovation on every level to further expand the use of aluminium.

Recycling and environmental awareness

Hydro's remelt network can help to optimize customer scrap flows by converting scrap into top-quality aluminium products. Our technology enables us to remelt a wide range of scrap grades to Hydro's stringent quality and environmental standards as documented in our ISO 14001 certificate. We are now also stepping up our recycling of post-consumed and contaminated scrap.

Customer Service

  • Hydro offers different customer service programs which include technical and commercial value-added solutions
  • Our Internet-based Customer Portal helps to simplify daily working routines

Updated: October 11, 2016